MGT 410 Syllabus3 SP 08 MW Kalika

MGT 410 Syllabus3 SP 08 MW Kalika - MGT 410: Responsible...

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MGT 410: Responsible Leadership Spring 2008 M, W 10:40 – 11:55 am Instructor: Professor Dale Kalika Service Line 18310 LI 31 Office: BA 323 N Telephone: (480) 965-4790 Email: Office Hours: Wednesday 2:00 – 4:00 pm and by appointment Textbook: Weiss, J.W., Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach (Thompson South Western) Other: Selected readings will be posted on the course site Key Points: Make sure your email account is correct. All class-related email communication comes from Blackboard, so if you do not use the ASU default email address (e.g., you use a gmail account), you must ensure your mail will be forwarded correctly and that your mailbox is not too full to receive messages. Announcements are posted to Bb; please check the site regularly. All written and oral work is evaluated on writing/speaking skills as well as content. Grading will be based on 70% for the content and 30% for the writing/speaking component. Lack of professionalism in written and oral communications can impact your participation grade. Please email messages to the professor with MGT 410 in the subject line as well as the topic of the message in the subject line. ALL written assignments will be submitted, unless noted, as Word document to Safe Assignment. Submit only one assignment per email. Do not use the digital drop box for any assignments nor submit any assignments by sliding them under my door or by handing them to me in class. There is only one exception to this: your final portfolio will be turned in both as hard copy in class and via email attachment through Safe Assignment. This course builds on your previous work, for example, planning skills from SCM 300, team skills from MGT 310, and familiarity with organizational issues from MGT 320. Computers get damaged, stolen and lost, as do keychain/flash data drives. Always make back-up copies, and keep a safe file of ALL materials submitted. If for any reason I do not receive an assignment from you (the ASU server does become unreliable on occasion), you will be responsible for providing the original “sent” email from you to me with the assignment unmodified since the original submission date. Grade issues will not be discussed via email or telephone. All such discussions must take place in person in my office. Responses to email will be within two days or earlier. If the issue is truly a priority, designate it as such. Some course content may be considered sensitive. I reserve the right to amend this syllabus as needed during the semester. Amendments will be posted to Bbd. . PURPOSE OF CLASS "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” (Peter Drucker) As the course name suggests, our goal is to understand what it takes to be a responsible leader in an organization, including private sector, public sector and not-for-profit organizations. All organizational leaders are stewards of resources: financial, physical and
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This note was uploaded on 11/03/2008 for the course MGT 410 taught by Professor Kalika during the Spring '08 term at ASU.

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MGT 410 Syllabus3 SP 08 MW Kalika - MGT 410: Responsible...

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