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GROUP PROJECT OUTLINE - o What type of “mover” is your...

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GROUP PROJECT--- FINAL REPORT/ FINAL PRESENTATION Brief Description of Company Financial Status o Attach an exhibit showing financial status of firm. Strategic Formulation and Strategic Position Analysis of Current Mission and Vision Statements and Recommendations for Changes External Analysis- o Perform EFAS o Perform Five Factor Analysis o Which General Strategic Type External Strategy is your firm following and why Internal Analysis- o Perform IFAS o Analysis of Resources, Capabilities and Competencies o What type of outsourcing is pursued? Strategic Factor Analysis- o Perform SFAS o Perform TOWS Corporate Rivalry- o Who are the main rivals? o What is the strategy in regards to these rivals?
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Unformatted text preview: o What type of “mover” is your firm? • Corporate Governance-o Who Runs the Company? o How effective is the management team? o Are their any ethical issues? • Business-level Strategies o What type of Business-level Strategy is used? • Corporate-level Strategies o What type of directional strategy is pursued? o What type, if any, diversification strategy is undertaken? • Acquisition and Restructuring Strategies • Global Strategies o What type (s) of International Entry Options is (are) used? • Strategic Leadership o Describe the leadership approach! • Concluding Thoughts 5/11/2009...
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