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DAH101 syllabus - DAH 101 Introduction to Dance(3 credits...

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DAH 101 Introduction to Dance (3 credits) Course Syllabus Fall 2008 Instructor – Harper Piver Office Hours - By Appointment E-Mail - [email protected] Course Description: This course introduces dance as a performing art, focusing on the Western-European dance forms of ballet and modern, their historical development and cultural characteristics. Additional course topics include a survey of global dance forms, concepts in viewing dance, the work of the dance artist in contemporary times, dance as a reflection of social and cultural pressures, and trends in social dance. Course Requirements: Because video clips of dance are part of the lectures, access and use of a high speed internet connection is required to take this course. This course is fully online and will not meet at any designated time or place during the semester, however there is a requirement to attend a live dance concert for a percentage of the course grade. It is required that all students have a working ASU e-mail account for communications with the instructor. Required Text: Students may purchase the required text, Learning About Dance, Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment by Nora Ambrosio, at the ASU bookstore or through online sources. Learning About Dance: Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment Fourth Edition By Nora Ambrosio Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company Course Competencies: Identify various dance styles and their characteristics Trace the historical development of ballet and modern dance Identify major contributors to the field of dance and their contributions Recognize specialized dance vocabulary Identify important components in the training of dancers Identify social, political, and economic conditions that influenced dance in the United
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States Identify the ways in which dance has responded to social, political, and economic conditions in the United States Identify trends in social dance Course Structure: Overview - Introduction to Dance is divided into four units. There are lectures, assigned readings, assignments and an exam in all four units. After completing the lecture and assigned readings, you will have an online assignment due based on the lecture and readings. There are no cumulative exams. Exams are structured around each unit. At the end of each unit there will be a 20 question exam based on the material contained in the lectures and assigned readings for that unit. Course Schedule - There are deadlines for the completion of each assignment and exam. The Course Schedule is a separate document from this syllabus and can be found on the course website under the Schedule link. It contains all deadlines for completing assignments and exams. It may be helpful to refer to the Course Schedule for clarification as you read through the remainder the syllabus. The Course Schedule provides a visual aid to understanding how the course is structured and may answer any questions you have Course Assignments: Lectures - The lectures are a combination of text, audio and video clips. The length of
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DAH101 syllabus - DAH 101 Introduction to Dance(3 credits...

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