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PsychSim Brain and Behavior h3. Functional Specialization of the Brain * +functional specialization+ : each function or capability or the nervous system (such as hearing a sound or moving your thumb) is controlled by a specific cluster of neurons ( +neural network+ ) in a specific area of the brain. * +complex communication+ : each neural network or functional area is interconnected with and influenced by other networks in other regions of the brain h3. Brainstem * +brainstem+: innermost region of the brain - beginning where the spinal cord enters the skull and ending in the center of the head; oldest part of the brain * controls basic life functions (can't live w/o it) * relaying sensory information from the body to the brain and coordinating muscle movement _signals_ sent from the brain to the body. * +medulla+ area where the spinal cord enlarges as it enters the brain * controls breathing and heartbeat * where nerves going to and from each side of the brain cross over to connect with the opposite side of the body * +pons+ sits on top of the medulla; connects medulla to the 2 sides of the cerebellum * involved in regulation of breathing and blood flow * sleeping - passing information about body movements to other structures in the brain * +reticular formation+ narrow band of nerve fibers that run up thru the middle of the medulla and pons; * control alertness and attention * if damaged, have difficulty focusing attn on a task and filtering out distracting information * +cerebellum+ is located just behind the medulla and pons at the base of the
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BrainAndBehavior - PsychSim Brain and Behavior h3....

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