psych101-10-15 - * Observing hospital staff * Rosenhan:...

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psych101 10-15-08 h3. "Mind Reading" "guess the card generated by computer" * How was the subject selected? * Catherine's ESP skill? * Stage Magic * How was the information gathered? * ESP? * Stage Magic * Information gathering by Cold Reading * Crossing Over by John Edward - claims to speak with dead family * Most "Psychic Power" Claims * Stage Magic Trickery Naturalistic Observations 1. Observe a representative sample 2. Observe all relevant factors 3. Make unbiased observations Rosenthal: Pygmalion in the Classroom * pick 2 students random would blossom, biased and students did better 4. Do not disturb the behavior * Hide from sight * Become a participant observer (Participant-Observer Studies) * Blue-Collar Journal: John Coleman Dishwasher, Ditch Digger, Garbage Man * Observing mental patients (jbm)
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Unformatted text preview: * Observing hospital staff * Rosenhan: Hearing voices ("empty, dull, thud"), admitted, then acted normal; never detected as sane * Become a permanent fixture * 1960, Dr. Jane Goodall living with chimpanzee; making tools,wage war, social grooming; language Secondary Records Research * Causes of anorexia in young women * Diaries - The Body Project by Joan Jacobs Brumberg * Causes of shark attacks (hospital records) * violent behavior of sport fans (newspapers) Naturalistic Observations Advantages 1. behavior is natural 2. a must method for studying some phenomena 3. good for exploratory research ex. Konrad Lorenz 1973 imprinting - never erased Critical Period: 12-16 hrs after birth * cling to first adult...
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psych101-10-15 - * Observing hospital staff * Rosenhan:...

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