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psych101-10-24 - drills in rock Keep...

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psych101 10-24-08 Research Methods Naturalistic Observation Systematic Assessment Experimental Design h3. Experimental Design * Testing a new drug * Wow Pill to cure Schizophrenia * Independent Variable -> Dependent Variable(how well person adjusting) * Protocol: Administer pill and measure effect h4. Failure to use Control Group * Improvement could be due to 1. Spontaneous remission 2. Suggestion of pill's effect 3. Getting attention 4. A change in weather, lighting, etc. .. Basic Experimental Design 1. Define the population of subjects 2. Draw a random sample 3. Divide sample into experimental and control group Necessary Controls * Placebo Controls for AUTOSUGGESTION HAWTHORNE EFFECT * Increase in motivation from getting attention * Increased lighting and rest condition 2400 relays/week * Decreased lighting and rest conditions 3000 relays/week * increase in productivity b/c being paid attention to * Keep subjects "blind: * Controls for: JOHN HENRY EFFECT * Above average performance in response to competition (1870 -- Hammering steel
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Unformatted text preview: drills in rock) * Keep assistants "blind" * Controls for EXPERIMENTER EXPECTANCY Failing to control for Experimenter Expectancy Facilitative Communication With Autistic Patients Experimental Effect: Aexp - Acon minus Bxp - Bcon h2. Hypnosis Stage Hypnosis 1. Is hypnosis necessary? 2. The power image 3. The volunteers -- already cooperative/extroverted 4. The susceptibility test -- weeding out 5. Trance induction -- Are you getting sleepy? Defines situation as requiring hypnosis, but it doesn't! 6. The "unwilling" subject TYPICAL DEMONSTRATION 1. Human Plank 2. Pain Avoidance 3. Failure to Challenge -- "You cannot bend your elbow." Not: "Try to bend your elbos" 4. The Famous Person * Audience assumes hypnotist is controlling behavior & subject is helpless * All it takes is * suggestible audience * few cooperative hams * Subjcts History of Hypnosis Anton Mesmer (1776) "Influence of the Planets in the Cure of Disease"...
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psych101-10-24 - drills in rock Keep...

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