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stuffed mushrooms - Nov 7 2007 Something Special to Me...

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Nov. 7, 2007 Something Special to Me Since I am a vegetarian there isn’t always a lot that I can eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas. On Thanksgiving and Christmas families gather around the table to eat a traditional turkey or ham dinner but there isn’t a lot for vegetarians to eat. Sure there are plenty of side dishes but those dishes are usually things that you would eat on a regular basis like salad and potatoes. So what makes Thanksgiving or Christmas special for me? It’s the stuffed mushrooms. It may just be another side dish to some people but it’s special to me. I’m not really that big of a mushroom fan but one year my sister forced me to try some of the stuffed mushrooms she made and I loved them. I think that because I don’t really like mushrooms, stuffed mushrooms are special because I love to eat them. Now every Thanksgiving and Christmas I look forward to those stuffed mushrooms that my sister makes. The first time I heard about stuff mushrooms I was still eating meat so I just didn’t eat them because there was so many other things that I could eat. I also thought they would be gross just because they were mushrooms. After becoming a vegetarian I quickly realized that there were very few things I could eat at Thanksgiving and
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stuffed mushrooms - Nov 7 2007 Something Special to Me...

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