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PSY/WS 202 Assignment 1 It is actually really difficult for me to explain the roles of everyone in my family, mainly because we all kind of do everything on our own now. I’ll start by saying that my parents are divorced and my dad lives in California, so he’s pretty much not a part of my life anymore. I live with my mom, my sister, Tianna, and her boyfriend, Tom. We’re all pretty independent so there isn’t really a set list of who does what, we all pretty much take care of ourselves. We do our own laundry, clean our own rooms, and cook our own meals (for the most part). My mom does do a lot of the other house chores such as:
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Unformatted text preview: vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms; But we all pitch in whenever help is needed. For instance, my mom usually takes the trash out but if someone notices that the trash is getting full they will take it out. We also have a dog named Charlie, she is technically my dog, but I live in the dorms during the week so my mom takes care of her usually. When I am home I’ll usually give her a bath, cut her nails, or just give her some attention. That pretty much covers everything that we do in our household....
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