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1Alison Smith October 31, 2008 Russia 1860-1917 Recitation- Friday, 10 AM Anton Chekhov refused to go along with the accepted formula’s of theater, in which events that were supposed to be normal were actually quite unusual. As it was stated in the program shown in class, people eat their dinner, just eat their dinner but during that time their happiness is created or destroyed. The Cherry Orchard is a perfect example of this idea, and because he portrays the characters lives, its also an acuate barometer of how the upper social class was feeling about all the changes occurring in Russia. One of the scenes that stands out to me the most is the opening scene in which Lopakhin tells the family that they can save themselves and even make money if they will agree to set up
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Unformatted text preview: summer houses for renters on their land. However, the entire family balks at this. They refuse to come to their senses and believe that they are not nearly as affluent as they used to be, they ignore reality and to keep the appearances that they are still as wealthy as before they spend much more then they can afford and spend themselves further and further into debt. This may be related to all of the upper class in the years following the emancipation of the serfs and afterwards the division of the estates. The noble families refused to come to terms with the changes that were taking place around them and instead they...
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