smoking ban - 1Alison Smith October 20, 2008 Research...

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1Alison Smith October 20, 2008 Research Writing MWF 11-11:50 AM Room To Breathe – The Smoking Ban According to the American Cancer Society, smoking is responsible for one in five deaths that occur in the United States. This is because out of 4,000 chemicals tobacco can contain, 60 of them are carcinogens, which are one of the known causes of cancer (American Cancer Society). These statistics are enough to frighten anyone, so why don’t smokers just quit? Because they can’t. Nearly seventy percent of smokers want to quit, and forty percent of smokers try to quit every year, but with a nicotine addiction, it’s just not that easy (American Cancer Society). One of the main problems is that smokers often “link smoking with many social activities” (American Cancer Society). The smoking bans that have recently been established in bars and restaurants makes it harder for smokers to have that link between social activities and smoking. Overall, the smoking ban is the best step our society can take to encourage people to quit smoking. The smoking bans have caused an uproar across the country. Smokers can no longer smoke in restaurants or bars. The official reasoning behind the bans is that the employees are being subjected to secondhand or passive smoke. Like any other employees, those that work in bars and restaurants deserve to do so in a smoke free environment. Therefore, smokers have to leave the building to have their cigarette, wait until they leave the restaurant, or finally quit smoking. One of the greatest advantages of the smoking ban is the fact that it does decrease the amount a person can smoke within a day (Stark). Researchers have “consistently found that you get a 30 percent drop in cigarette consumption when you make a workplace smoke-free,” (Stark).
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About half of that 30 percent is from people cutting down or being forced to cut down by not being able to go outside to have a cigarette break whenever they wanted to, the other half was
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smoking ban - 1Alison Smith October 20, 2008 Research...

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