Managment-Maslow - offer health and disability insurance to...

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Dominique Pierre-Louis Management 300 10/31/07 Maslow’s theory states that there are five human needs physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self- actualization and that these are arranged in a way that the lower more basic needs must be satisfied before higher level needs become activated. Maslow’s theory also states that people will not be healthy and well adjusted unless their needs are met. At the work place needs are provided when companies give employees the rewards that apply to them for example instead of giving an employee a raise a manager might choose to relocate him in an area that the employee chooses or prefers. Physiological Needs Companies may meet their employee’s most basic needs by paying them a living wage, money that can be exchanged for food and shelter. They may also provide exercise facilities for their employees. Safety Needs Companies help satisfy this need by maybe providing security and fire prevention services and by fitting their employees with goggles and hard hats. Many companies also
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Unformatted text preview: offer health and disability insurance to their employees. Social Needs • Companies help organize events that build camaraderie among fellow employees. Some may even have sports teams that their employees may join to meet the social needs within the organization. Some companies sponsor social events such as office parties and company picnics. Esteem Needs • Many organizations hold lavish banquets and award ceremony to recognize some of their employees’ achievements within the company. Or compliment their employees on work well done. Self-Actualization Needs • Companies meet the lower order needs in order for their employees to become self-actualized. When employees become self-actualized they often strive to perform at the maximum level of creativity, making them extremely valuable assets to the company. Deficiency is the first four basic needs of Maslow’s hierarchy (esteem needs, social needs, safety needs, and physiological needs). Growth is self-actualization....
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Managment-Maslow - offer health and disability insurance to...

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