Clinical Psych Exam 2 Review

Clinical Psych Exam 2 Review - Major Depressive Disorder:...

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Major Depressive Disorder: when five or more symptoms of depression are present for at least 2 weeks o Emotional symptoms: Mood sad or dejected Describe themselves at miserable, empty, humiliated May experience anxiety, anger, agitation, frequent crying o Motivational symptoms: Loss of desire to engage in typical activities Lack of drive, initiative, spontaneity “Paralysis of will” Feelings of suicide o Cognitive symptoms: Negative self-perception blame Describe themselves as inadequate, undesirable, inferior Themselves for negative events, inappropriate feelings of guilt Pessimistic lead to feelings of hopelessness Poor concentration, easily confused/distracted o Behavioral symptoms: Low energy level Psychomotor retardation May socially withdraw Sleep disturbance o Physical symptoms: Somatic complaints Appetite disturbance Dysthymia: depressed mood most days for at least 2 years and at least 2 other symptoms Mania: abnormally and persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood that lasts for at least 1 week o Stage 1 Psychomotor agitation Mood swings Grandiosity or euphoria Coherent but racing thoughts (tangential) o Stage 2 Psychomotor agitation Increased mood swings Appearance of hostility or anger Explosive behavior/aggression Cognitive disorientation Delusions (grandiose or paranoid) o Stage 3 Increased psychomotor agitation Incoherent thoughts Ideas of reference, disorientation Psychosis Hypomania: less sever form of mania Bipolar I: one or more manic or hypomanic episodes with one or more depressive episodes Depressive episodes more frequent for shorter in length Bipolar II: one or more depressive episodes ant at least one episode of hypomania Cyclothymia: alternating periods (over 2 years) of depressive symptoms and manic symptoms that don’t reach the threshold for either a major depression or a mania
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Clinical Psych Exam 2 Review - Major Depressive Disorder:...

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