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Midterm_08 - AN 205 Mesoamerican Archaeology Spring 2007...

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AN 205 Mesoamerican Archaeology Spring, 2007 Mid-term Exam To be written in class, Wed March 6 I will select three or four of the following essays for your exam . You may bring notes to the exam and use them to guide your writing, but you may not use your text or notebook. Organize your answers so that they are as brief as possible and respond directly to the question posed. Accuracy will be an important to the quality of your essay, since you will have the opportunity to verify and organize your evidence prior to the exam. Coverage will also be an important criterion in grading your essays, so construct your answers to draw upon as wide a variety of evidence as possible. 1. As you can tell from your text, ceramics are a major source of information in piecing together Mesoamerica’s past. To illustrate your grasp of ceramics’ importance in this task, choose two examples in which ceramics were key to interpreting Mesoamerican history.
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