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Test 2 Review - Test 2 Review Disney and ABC Partnership-...

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Test 2 Review Disney and ABC Partnership- 1953 ABC signs $2 million deal with Disney for a 52-week 20-episode deal. This brings about the show “Disneyland”. Disneyland was the first ABC show to be a top-10 hit. Davy Crockett was the only original programming created for the Disneyland show. o Sparked a nationwide craze. o A great example of marketing synergy. Anthology Dramas: o Discrete, self-contained stories o No continuing stories o Almost always aired on Sunday nights o Used a lot of close-ups o Usually adapted established literary and dramatic works Anthology Writers: o East-Coast Intellectuals o Lived in NY City o Liberals in a conservative era Red Channels: o Published by Aware Inc. o Distributed to networks, ad agencies and sponsors that named names. o Listed people that had ever been involved with the communist party. o Led to blacklisting and political pressure Politics of Anthology Dramas: o Critical of society o Sponsors and ad-agencies wanted to eliminate tragedy o Resulted in stories of “Averted-tragedies” Ideal American Family of the 1950’s: o White, Middle Class o Home ownership o Suburbia o Nuclear Family Subversive Elements of the 1950’s: o Kinsey Reports o Beat poets and artists o Increasingly subversive stand-up comedy o Beginnings of sexual liberation o Playboy started in the 1950’s Women in the 1950’s: o Encouraged to take on more household duties o Housewives Rise of teenagers and youth culture:
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o “Teenager” becomes used after WW2 o 1960- first baby boom children reach teenage years o Introduction of generational conflict o New social demographic Coverage of the 1960 Presidential election was stepped up and more emphasis was placed on documentaries in an effort to reform TV. Quiz Show Scandal: o Several highly rated programs were rigged to make them more interesting. o Included the $64,000 Question and Twenty-One o It became a major scandal because networks were blaming sponsors o FCC looked bad at the time and the scandal offered them a chance to better their image by cracking down. o The scandals resulted in networks breaking away form sponsor control and developed magazine style advertising. The Classic Network System: o Highly centralized control o Vertical integration and oligopoly o Influence of advertisers was limited due to multiple sponsorships o Networks gain more control o Networks dictate affiliates schedules o Increased network ownership of stations in metropolitan areas Color Standard- 1956 FCC and the regulation of the classic network system: o “Whorehouse” era known for corruption FCC Chair John Doerfer o 1960- Newton Minnow becomes the FCC chair May 9, 1961- gives the “Vast Wasteland” Speech
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Test 2 Review - Test 2 Review Disney and ABC Partnership-...

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