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Lesson 3 Assignment

Lesson 3 Assignment - Argument The author of the editorial...

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Argument The author of the editorial I have selected is making the argument that if issues are going to be what decides the upcoming election, then the candidates need to address the economic crisis that we are facing in the United States. To fix this crisis, we need to increase how much money families make. Families income is falling behind compared to productivity. Summary and Commentary Conclusion: The candidate that wants to win the election needs to address the disparity in income compared to productivity and have families make more money for the jobs they do. Reason 1: Productivity has been increasing at a higher rate than income. Reason 2: Work is supposed to bring reward. Reason 3: A good job with raising pay is the bedrock of America’s economic well being. Commentary: While I agree with the data that is being shown here, I do not think it portrays an accurate picture of what is going on in the United States. This does not show how technology has improved productivity over the same time span. It does not address what companies have had to pay for this technology. The author seems to think that if you increase wages that the economy with improve. There is no information to support this.
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