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January 10, 2008 Levels of Analysis and Foreign Policy I. Individual level analysis a. The human factor i. Key people in the right place at the right time ii. Their personalities affect decisions and circumstances b. Organizational behavior i. Their ability to hold power c. Leaders and individual traits i. WWI had weak (senile?) leaders and their weakness caused the world to stumble into WWI 1. Nicholas the Czar, German Kaiser etc… II. State-level analysis a. Political culture i. Democracy with at least two parties (or some kind of opposition)
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Unformatted text preview: b. Foreign policy making actions i. Leadership ability and international politics III. System-level analysis a. Structural characteristics i. Clear cut lines of authority and responsibility (or not…) b. Power relationship i. Multi-polar system 1. balance of power among many ii. Bipolarization of power (after WWII) 1. United States and USSR iii. Unipolar system (or modified unipolar system) 1. One power (United States) a. Changing away from this...
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