Practice Test No. 1 Spr 07 rev 1

Practice Test No. 1 Spr 07 rev 1 - Physics 142 000 Spring...

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1 Physics 142 000 Practice Test No. 1 Name Spring 2008 ID There is no partial credit on multiple choice questions. Please circle one number (1, 2, 3…) for each question to indicate your response. There will be partial credit on free response questions. Your work as well as your result will be evaluated. Your answers must be given to the appropriate number of significant figures. All questions have the same value. You must have your own calculator; you may not share a calculator with anyone. You are allowed one 4 × 6 inch index card with your own hand-written notes on both sides. I pledge, by signing below, that I will faithfully abide by the provisions and spirit of the Emory College Honor Code in my completion of this Test. Signature Date k = 8.99 × 10 9 N . m 2 /C 2 ε o = 8.85 10 -12 F/m e = 1.60 × 10 -19 C 1. Two uncharged conducting spheres ( A and B ) are suspended from insulating threads so that they touch each other. A negatively charged rod is brought near, but does not touch, sphere A . The spheres are then separated. How are the spheres charged now? 1. A uncharged and B positive 2. A negative and B positive 3. A and B both uncharged 4. A negative and B uncharged 5. A positive and B negative 2. Four point charges are at the corners of a square. Which one of the arrows shows the direction of
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This note was uploaded on 11/03/2008 for the course PHYS 142 taught by Professor Coleman during the Spring '08 term at Emory.

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Practice Test No. 1 Spr 07 rev 1 - Physics 142 000 Spring...

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