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Study Sheets for In Class Exams General Chemistry I (141) You will find study guides for each of the chapters covered throughout the semester in this conference. Note that the study guides are per chapter and so each test may cover only parts of a particular guide…stay tuned in lecture to find out what material is on each exam. In addition to the material presented in the study guides, please refer to you course syllabus and the chapter schedule there which contains a listing of key concepts for each chapter. Also, remember that you are responsible for the names and symbols of the first 36 elements. In addition, demonstrations performed in class are fair game for the exams. You should make sure that you understand the concepts being demonstrated in each. If you have any questions please come by and ask me!
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Unformatted text preview: The chapter summaries at the end of every chapter also serve as a good place to look for key concepts. Remember that the exams will cover material from the lecture and homeworkincluding the suggested end of chapter questions. The exams will consist of multiple choice, matching, and free response questions and will be given as a one hour (50 minute) in class exam. A periodic table and scratch paper will be provided; you need only bring a pen or pencil and a calculator. When writing the exam, I will look first to the class notes and material covered in homework. The lecture has been designed to follow organization of the text while using different examples for concepts covered. This way you will have at least two examples of each concept or type of problem and calculation....
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