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chem 141 F07 Chapter 2 Study Sheet

chem 141 F07 Chapter 2 Study Sheet - Please refer to the...

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Please refer to the “General Study Sheet” Post for information regarding the exams THE COMPONENTS OF MATTER CHAPTER 2 INTRODUCTION The history of the modern atomic theory spans nearly 2000 years. However, it is only in the last 200 years that there has been a good understanding of the atom and even still new discoveries about microscopic atomic structure are being made. It is important as a scientist to know the major people involved in discovery and understand the experiments performed which led to our current understanding of the atom. Names and achievements of the scientists who have helped to lay the foundation of our knowledge are important to know to allow for a historical perspective of our understanding. With the discovery of the subatomic particles such as the electron, proton, and neutron we can explain isotopes, bonding, and many other atomic properties. Further, knowledge of isotopes helps us to understand why atoms do not have integral masses -
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