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chem 141 F07 Chapter 8 Study Sheet

chem 141 F07 Chapter 8 Study Sheet - Please refer to the...

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Please refer to the “General Study Sheet” Post for information regarding the exams CHAPTER 8 ELECTRON CONFIGURATION AND CHEMICAL PERIODICITY INTRODUCTION Many of the chemical properties of the elements can be understood in terms of their electron configurations. Because electrons fill atomic orbitals in a fairly regular fashion, it is not surprising that elements with similar electron configurations, such as sodium and potassium, behave similarly in many respects and that, in general, the properties of the elements exhibit observable trends. Chemists in the nineteenth century recognized periodic trends in the physical and chemical properties long before quantum theory came into the scene. Although these chemists were not aware of the existence of electrons and protons, their efforts to systematize the chemistry of the elements were remarkably successful. Their main sources of information were the atomic mass of the elements and other known physical and chemical properties.
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