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Lecture 11/29/07 Defining Democracy - Procedural Definitions Direct Democracy- some mechanisms of direct democracy, but pure direct democracy impractical Representative Democracy- elections are central to US government, but many core features are explicity insulated from electoral processes Majority Rule- Not a formaula for “democratic” outcomes: DIMs and Cycling preferences. - There is no procedural recipe for democracy—we need a substantive definition A Substantive Definition of Democracy - Democracy is a form of government that promotes the values of tolerance and accountability The Definitions Applied: The Initiative Process - Participative Democracy The primary goal of US democracy is to make government accountable to the public, esp. via electoral processes From this perspective initiatives are “good” giving voters a tool to send strong signals to elected officials and shape the law - Madisonian Democracy The Primary value of US democracy is tolerance of minority rights fostered through coalition building in overlapping, diversely representative forums
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lecture11-29 - Lecture 11/29/07 Defining Democracy -...

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