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1. Redistricting a. Who is responsible in TX i. Legislative bodies b. What do they redistrict i. Congressional districts, decide which parts of the state get more members and which lose memberships by drawing boundary lines for the state senatorial and representative districts as well as for the TX congressional districts ii. Electoral lines c. What the legislature is responsible for redistricting i. Electoral lines d. How often i. Every 10 years following completion of the federal census e. Who do they redistrict for i. State senatorial, representative districts and TX congressional districts 2. Legislature-Different functions of the legislature (constituent, law making, etc) a. Lawmaking and the political agenda i. Basic privilege for writing, amending and passing laws ii. Legislators help shape and fix the political agenda, have a major voice in determining what the states policies will be in important areas (welfare, edu) b. The constituent/amendment function i. Create/amend the constitution ii. Ratification of amendments to the national constitution iii. Propose amendments to state constitution and pass c. Judicial Function i. When the house impeaches a judge or executive branch official, senate tries the person ii. Legislature passes laws dealing with courts and procedures iii. Control the number, jurisdiction and organization of the judiciary
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d. Electoral Function i. Election disputes settled by legislative body. House makes the official declaration of the winners of the state executive offices after election results are tabulated. e.
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POLS_TEST_3_REVIEW - 1. Redistricting a. Who is responsible...

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