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Dhara Bhakta CHEM 237-511 Red October 19, 2008 Xavien Bogle Simple Distillation and Gas Chromatography Results First sample was taken at: -One peak at .67s is shown is hexane; it has a lower boiling point so it shows up first. Small second peak emerges at 0.97s and is heptane Second: -First peak: 0.70s; second: 0.89s and is still smaller Third: -First peak: 0.75s and is smaller than second peak at 0.80s Fourth: when cooled at -First peak is much smaller and thinner at 0.75s than second which is at 0.78s Discussion: The purpose of the lab was to demonstrate methods for purification of volatile compounds and gas chromatography used to determine relative proportions of volatile compounds in each sample. The mixture that we were assigned to contained both hexane and heptane. We measured 3.5 mL of hexane/heptane. The heating mantle was set on the power of 40 and we began distillation. The first sample was taken at __. The first peak shown was hexane. Because we had taken out the sample a little late, you can see a tiny peak of heptane emerging at 0.97s. Our second sample was taken at __.
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