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January 22, 2008 Intergovernmental Organizations: The European Union and the United States I. An overview of IGOs a. Origin b. Growth i. Why did they grow so fast in the 20 th century? 1. increased inter-global dependence 2. national trade 3. problems across national boundaries c. Roles IGOs play i. Get together in sessions to debate issues of day 1. try to peacefully resolve international disputes ii. regional (EU) global (UN) 1. international cooperation iii. specialized organizations to focus on particular problems 1. World Trade Organization (WTO) II. Regional IGOs: the European Union a. Origin and evolution i. Created to unify Europe and make a common bank and currency b. Governance of the EU i. Based on British parliamentary system—more exportable than American democracy ii. Bureaucracy iii. All countries keep their governments and leaders but trade, commerce, currency and banking is common 1. easier to travel (barriers broken down) 2. court system c. Future of the EU III. Global IGOs : focus on the United Nations a. Structure i. General Assembly ii. Security council iii. Secretariat (Secretary General) iv. International court of justice v. Economic of social council vi. Trusteeship council b. Leadership c. UN activities: political and non-political IV. The future of IGOs
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I. Intergovernmental Organizations and the European union and the United
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ISS 1.22.08 - January 22, 2008 Intergovernmental...

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