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Dhara Bhakta CHEM 237-511 Red TA: Xavien Bogle Extraction This experiment of extraction involved using inorganic compounds such as HCl and NaOH to extract organic compounds. Percent Yields: compound Actual g/ theoretical g X 100= Benzocaine .76/ 2.028 g 37.4 % Benzoic acid .41/2.028 g 20.2% The percent yield is low and it could be due to the presence of both benzocaine and benzoic acid in the mixture. This could also be due to having drained out more of the solution into the dichloromethane beaker. The melting point range of the recovered crystals of benzocaine was 94.8 °C-96.0°C which is higher than the normal melting point range being 89°C-92°C. This higher melting point could be due to it being an impure compound of Benzocaine. Many errors such as discrepancies in the vacuum filtration could have contributed to this. The melting point for the recovered crystals of Benzoic acid was 122.0°C-123.4°C
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Unformatted text preview: which matched the normal melting point range: 122C- 123C. Discussion Overall, this experiment ran smoothly and the only minor problems encountered were emulsions. To fix this problem, distilled water was added to the separating funnel and we had to shake it until the emulsions broke up. In this experiment, we dissolved the mixture of 2.028g in 40 mL of dichloromethane. An acid extraction of benzocaine was performed as we added 15 mL of HCl. The benzocaine was recovered from the aqueous acid layer when we added 6M NaOH. A vacuum filtration was performed to isolate the crystals. The benzoic acid was extracted from the dichloromethane and vacuum filtration isolated the crystals. I was successful in extracting pure benzoic acid from a mixture, but the benzocaine I recovered was still a little impure due to minor errors....
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