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Cindy Shi HIST 282 Thursday, 11:15 am January 29, 2008 This week’s readings had much to do with the Age of Enlightenment after the Scientific Revolution. During this time, reason was advocated as the primary basis for authority and it was believed that systematic thinking should be applied to all aspects of human life. After the analytical nature of Newtonianism was established, there was a greater emphasis placed on reaching conclusions through observation rather than through definition. As described in lecture, “the laws of reason became the laws of nature”. There was no logical argument as to explain God’s plan in nature, so observation was required. According to Linnaeus’ Reflections on the Study of Nature the study of nature would reveal that God created the world, and in order to understand his wisdom, we would need to study what he created. Therefore, he created a classification system to reveal the Divine Order of the Universe. Despite the fact that Newton sparked the Enlightenment, his views on the role of
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