Exam 2 fall 2008_key

Exam 2 fall 2008_key - Fill out your scantron answer sheet...

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Fill out your scantron answer sheet : Write in and bubble in your name and PID number. Leave the sequence number blank. You may write on this and YOU MAY KEEP IT! You will only be able to see your score later, so to know how you answered a specific question, keep track of your answers on these sheets too.
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1. A cell from your liver is ________ and gives rise to new liver cells via ___________. 1) haploid; mitosis 2) somatic; meiosis 3) diploid; mitosis 4) haploid; meiosis 5) none of the choices 2. You examine a cell under the microscope and you note that there are 16 tetrads lined up at the cell’s equator. This cell is in what stage of the cell cycle? 1) G1 2) metaphase I of meiosis 3) metaphase II of meiosis 4) metaphase of mitosis 5) more than one choice is correct 3. Consider the same cell from the previous question that you observe with 16 tetrads. Although it is moving through cell cycle, “n” for this cell type is a constant value. In this cell, n = ______. 1) 4 2) 8 3) 16 4) 32 5) 64 4. To the right are images representing four chromosomes containing various genes (such as A, B, X and Z). Two images that represent sister chromatids are _______ and two chromatids that represent homologs are _________. 1) A and B; A and D 2) A and D; A and C 3) B and D; B and C 4) A and B; B and C 5) B and D; A and B For the next three questions, use the four choices below. A choice may be used more than once or not at all. 1) G1 2) anaphase 3) both 4) neither _4___5 . This stage of the cell cycle that precedes (comes just before) metaphase. _1___6 .The nuclear envelope is present and intact. _4___7 . When crossing over occurs. 8. The diploid number for fruit flies is equal to 8. Individual gametes will have _______ chromosomes. 1) 2 2) 4 3) 8 4) 16 5) none of the choices 9. Consider the pedigree to the right. If this was an x- linked recessive disease, what is the probability that the unborn child in the third generation would have the disease? 1) 0
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Exam 2 fall 2008_key - Fill out your scantron answer sheet...

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