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Exam 1 fall 2008_key - Fill out your scantron answer sheet:...

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1. Which of the following is a likely hypothesis being tested by the following experimental results? Average weights % with tumors at 1 year of age Average age of death Male rats control 460 grams 1% 2.8 years Female rats control 278 grams 0% 3.2 years Male rats fed saccharin 456 grams 4% 3.0 years Female rats fed saccharin 225 grams 3% 3.2 years 1) Rats that weigh more are more likely to develop tumors. 2) Saccharin causes rats to die. 3) Tumors occur later in rat’s life. 4) Saccharin causes tumors in rats. 5) Male rats are more likely to ingest saccharin than female rats. 2. What type of bond is formed during a condensation reaction? 1) Covalent 2) Ionic 3) R- bond 4) Polymer 5) Hydrogen 3. A new protein was discovered in a deep sea creature. Despite being heated, it’s three dimensional shape was not altered. What is a likely assumption to be made about this molecule? 1) Hydrogen bonds do not play a major role in holding the three dimensional shape. 2) Neighboring R groups are strongly interacting with each other. 3) The three dimensional shape is held together by many covalent bonds. 4) all of the choices are likely assumptions. 1) Chitin 2) Collagen 3) both 4) neither 4. _2__ is a structural protein 5. _3__ is a polymer 6. _4__ is a monosaccharide 7. All proteins have ________ but not all proteins have __________. 1) hydrogen bonds; peptide bonds 2) amino groups; R groups 3) primary and secondary structure; tertiary and quaternary structure 4) amino groups; carboxyl groups 5) none of the choices are correct 8. Which of the following is a disaccharide? 1) lactose 2) deoxyribose 3) aspartame 4) glucose 5) choices 1, 2, and 3 only 9. Which of the following is the primary component of the membranes that make up the endoplasmic reticulum? 1) cholesterol 2) DNA 3) phospholipid 4) glucose 5) fat Fill out your scantron answer sheet : Write in and bubble in your name and PID number. Leave the sequence number blank. You may write on this and YOU MAY KEEP IT! You will only be able to see your score later, so to know how you answered a specific question, keep track of your answers on these sheets too. **NOTE: You will only be able to see your score on student central
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10. Which of the following features are distinguishing characteristics that could be used to determine if a cell was prokaryotic or eukaryotic? 1)
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Exam 1 fall 2008_key - Fill out your scantron answer sheet:...

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