Fall 2008 Biol 101 Syllabus

Fall 2008 Biol 101 Syllabus - Principles of Biology (Biol...

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Biol 101): Fall 2008 Dr. Kelly Hogan MWF 9:00 – 9:50 AM (Section 1) Hamilton Hall 100 Instructor: Dr. Kelly Hogan Kelly_Hogan@unc.edu Office phone: 843-6047 Office hours: in Wilson Hall 104B: Mondays 10-10:30, Wednesdays 12:30-2:30 virtual via blackboard: Most wednesday evenings from 8-9 PM Academic advising questions? See me in from 1-5 on Fridays by appointment in academic advising in Steele. (Make an appointment through the academic advising website). (*If you can’t make it at these times, I am free right after class each day for quick questions and I am willing to discuss things by email or over the phone). Supplemental Instruction TA: Sophia Woo wsophia@email.unc.edu Amit Patel amithp@email.unc.edu *SI times/locations: TBA (see blackboard under the SI folder) TEXT: Biology, Concepts and Applications , 7th Edition by Cecie Starr Required reading: Particular chapters are required (see course schedule/topics) and you will be expected to have read them for exams. Nowadays, publishers put useful audio study tools, animations, and tutorials on the internet. These "premium" services for our Biol 101 text book are all located at CengageNOW (see the website and password above again to see a trial; first option from the list on the right). These services will come free with the purchase of an ebook or a new textbook. As your instructor, I highly recommend that you use all of these tools. I am excited about how technology is changing the way we think about college textbooks! COURSE WEBSITE : http://blackboard.unc.edu/ (you will need your onyen to log on) This site will have postings from my lectures such as outlines, power point slides, old exams, and supplemental material I mention in lecture. I will also post announcements regarding student concerns on this site. It is your responsibility to check it regularly . EXAMS : There will be three exams given during the regular semester. NO MAKE-UP EXAMS! NO EXAMS GIVEN EARLY! The format will be multiple choice, so bring two #2 pencils to the exam. These are not cumulative exams and will only cover the material specified on the course schedule. To see exam scores, log into student central and follow link for “results of machine scored exams”. There will be a final exam given, and it will be cumulative. For all exams, you will need your PID number as identification on your exam sheet. Additionally, you may be asked to verify your identity, so it is required that you bring your one-card to each exam. Failure to produce a one-card if asked may result in a zero on that exam. Test material to study: most questions will come from my lecture, including power point slides. Some questions will also come from the chapter readings that I may not discuss or go through quickly in lecture. Therefore, to succeed in this class, it behooves you to come to all lectures and read required chapters. Your book has a great website with many practice questions…also, see blackboard for Dr. Hogan’s study tips on pg 5.
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Fall 2008 Biol 101 Syllabus - Principles of Biology (Biol...

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