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Music 142 Study Guide - Music 142 Study Guide Sound- energy...

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Music 142 Study Guide Sound - energy transmitted by compression of molecules in the atmosphere Pitch - compression/decompression of the atmosphere comes at regular, periodic intervals; depends on the rate of barometric change Noise- non-periodic changes in air pressure Octave - when one pitch has twice the frequency of another, it lies an octave above. Ex: 440Hz- 220Hz Division of octaves- different ways to divide the octave into smaller segments gives most music its distinctive flavor. Whole tones- octave division into six equal parts, if played one after another in ascending order they form a whole-tone scale. Semitone or half step - twelve equal parts, each half as large as the whole tone Chromatic Scale- half steps played directly in order Pentatonic- five-part partition of the octave; three whole steps and two larger intervals equal to a whole step and a half step combined. Diatonic- divide the octave into an intermixture of 5 whole steps and two half steps; seven note partition. Mode- flavor; created by two half steps Major mode- half steps between 3 and 4 pitches and 7 and 8 pitches of the scale Minor mode- half steps between 2 and 3, and 5 and 6 pitches of the scale Flat- pitch one half step lower than the natural letter Sharp- one half step higher than the natural letter Staff- method of representing the Greek letter system on a graph Melody- a succession of individual pitches which create a single line Conjunct motion- runs up or down the scale by consecutive step
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Music 142 Study Guide - Music 142 Study Guide Sound- energy...

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