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BRAIN3 - .J'4 u BramnBEhMDI-mt pathways to the V'lSUOl...

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Unformatted text preview: . ..J.._'4 '. .. . . .... . .. u _. BramnBEhMDI-mt - * pathways to the V'lSUOl cortex combine the slahals from the two eyes In such a way that the left V'lSUCll cortex receives the information from both eyes that comes from the right portion of the an m n 0 ‘IT httpznangel.bprub.com!se€tlonfdefaul:.asp?ld=psydfimodmaa582423 fl? ‘3 . I enter search terms or pageflsecfion it 90 Krystal Ting (Stu dent) Horna aBaok Diagnostic Quining Course Materials 9 9 PsychSim 5 Tutorials: Brain and Behavior All Modules OEn in new Window TEST YOURSELF on! LANGUAGE AREAS OF THE CORTEX 'I'I'I- mtjqr tr-als DF th- c-r-brtl curt-H that ar- lrlchIv-d In language ar- Shawn Irl fl'lls Illustration. Dra- Elia approprlaln label 1::- each .trulztljra- an an I. r own- ...
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