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Unformatted text preview: dit View Histu enter search terms or pagefsecflon I: 90 Krystal Ylng (Student) -m_._- Home aBaok DiaunnltlcQuizzinn Course Material. 9 PsychSim 5 Tutorials: Neural Messages All Modules Dan in new window r _r .l . WE'VE CDVCrBd a lot of ground In this activity. Here's a summary of the main points. 1. Neurons are classified according to their function as sensory neurons. motor neurons, or Intel-neurons. 2. Despite great diversity of forrn, neurons have four roam parts: a cell body (sou-nu). many dendrites, one or more axons, and axon tern-Ilnels. 3. when a neuron Is stimulated, It responds by sending an electrical Impulse Ccallecl the action potential) along les axon. This Is axonal conduction, or "I’Iran-” ‘1. The Impulse Is produced by a complex sequence of changes In the Cell membrane, allowlng sodlum Ions to flow Into one part of the axon after another. 5. When the Impulse reaches the axon terrnlnals, the synaptic Veslcles release neurotransmitters Into the Eynaptlc: gap between the neurons. 6. Tha molecules find their way to speclal I'BGBptDI'S on the next "QUFDI‘I. If enough I'BCS'thI'S are filled, thB next neuron get-E. tl'le message. This Is Called synaptic transmlEsiDn. 7. when excltabory synapses ere stlrnulated, It becomes easier for the neuron to ”re (the rate or firlng increases). When Inhibitory synapses ere stlrnulatled, the neuron is less lll-(ely to fire (the rate of firing decreases). ...
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