ISS 2.13.08 - b. The Lend-Lease Act i. Law in which the...

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The U.S. in World War II A. World Wars I and II compared a. World “stumbled into” WWI i. WWII was calculated and not as ambiguous b. Weapons and causalities i. WWI: trench warfare, poisonous gas, submarines, and just beginning to use air warfare (about 15 million killed) ii. WWII: machine guns, tank warfare, air force (heavy bombing) about 60 countries involved (about 60 million killed) 1. about 1/3 were Russians (20 million at least) 2. more civilians killed than military personnel a. because of bombing and incendiary raids B. U.S. Policy before the fall of France a. U.S. Expectations b. American public opinion and the war c. The debate over the neutrality Act: Isolationists vs Interventionists i. d. Destroyers for naval bases executive agreement i. U.S. gave Britain destroyers and Britain gave us long term leases on naval bases 1. thought this was political suicide because it was done during the 1940 campaign C. U.S. policy after the fall of France a. The presidential election of 1940 i. FDR won a third (and fourth) term which was unprecedented
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Unformatted text preview: b. The Lend-Lease Act i. Law in which the U.S. would make military equipment available to the Allies 1. what would you do if your neighbors home was on fire and you had a hoseFDRs analogy for helping Allies (even though we were supposed to be neutral/isolationist) c. Hitler invades Russia: U.S. reaction i. d. The Atlantic charter i. Established a vision for a post-WWII between U.S. and Britain e. Karusu-Nomura Talk peace while Japanese planes prepare to bomb pearl harbor i. Met secretly with U.S. but pearl harbor was being bombed so the peace talks stopped and the U.S. entered WWII D. Remember Pearl Harbor a. U.S. suffers defeat, retreat in pacific i. Islands taken by Japanese (battle of Wake and Midway) 1. U.S. didnt fight back effectively until a few ii. Europe first is U.S. policy 1. defeat Germany first a. Gen. MacArthur told to leave Japan and go to AustraliaI shall return...
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ISS 2.13.08 - b. The Lend-Lease Act i. Law in which the...

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