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Dave_5_purdue_eng - Ian Sherk Mr Maki Eng 106 How Dave...

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Ian Sherk Mr. Maki Eng 106 Sept 27, 2006 How Dave Cruised Through My Life Dave Moody was my best friend--“was” being the key word. We met in eighth grade, when Dave, his younger brother of a year, Mark and I all lived in Brighton. In all honesty, we were friends from the day we met. It felt like I was ushered into their brotherhood, acting as a second older brother to Mark. I could make a gross generalization and just say that Dave was a good guy, but that hardly does him justice. He was a huge fan of disorder and spontaneity. Dave and I planned to go to a competition at the Meijer skate park just after we finished tenth grade. However, when I picked him up he had another plan. He pulled out a pair of miniature dice from his pocket, turned off the GPS and said, “These dice are going to guide us to the perfect skate spot, high numbers go left, middle numbers, we keep going straight, and on low numbers we go left. It is flawless.” Somewhat puzzled, I reply, “We’ll miss the competition if we do that.” “I wouldn’t call it missing the competition.” Dave says with a grin, emphasizing the word missing. Somewhat convinced, I decide to gamble and agree to follow the dice. We wound up racing each other down hills rather than finding a particular obstacle to skate. Although Dave and I no longer talk, when I drive past spots we used to skate I can almost see him there. When I talk with my roommate who is British, a trigger effect occurs, and I can almost hear Dave’s words coming out of Alex’s mouth. Another sort of relapse occurs when I see a Native American. It reminds me of Dave’s Cherokee heritage, and his fear of falling into the alcoholism that plagued his family.
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After a year of skating together in Brighton, I moved away to Bloomfield Hills which is a 40-minute trek. Seeing that none of us could drive, it made it a bit harder to stay good friends. Unfortunately, around the middle of tenth grade, Dave’s father lost his job, which prompted them to move to Novi, where his dad found a job as a taxi driver.
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