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time management

time management - I do not think that this is particularly...

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Assignment Two I believe that in a given week, the way I spend my time will allow me to be successful at Purdue and Krannert. I am convinced of this because I have consistent study habits, and study in the afternoon unless I have a class. Studying and doing homework in the afternoon is better than studying at night, because you have more than enough time to complete any unforeseen complications in the work. Behind sleeping, the activity I spend the most time doing is socializing. Even though I spend about 27 hours a week socializing, it is closely trailed by the 22 hours a week I spend either studying or doing homework. I would like to give my self more time to eat. This is because I typically find myself rushing my meals, or even skipping them all together.
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Unformatted text preview: I do not think that this is particularly healthy. Keeping my body healthy is especially important to me because I am a competitive athlete. I could do without the late night phone calls; they cut into my sleep and often keep me up till four a.m. Getting a better night sleep will help me perform better in my classes, and will help me to be more healthy. I was really surprised that I spent thirteen hours a week sitting on the phone; I figured it was more like seven to nine hours. During roughly the first month of college, I had difficulty with time management, but after some trial and error I was able to find a way of managing my time to get my work done....
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