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10-14-08 Chapter 9- Global Stratification Global Stratification - unequal distribution of wealth, power, prestige on global basis, resulting in ppl w/ diff lifestyles. -richest 20% of world controls >80% of wealth -high income countries- industrialized, technologically advanced occupations -middle income countries-industrialized economy in urban areas, moderate income -low income countries- agrarian nations w/ little industrialization. -First world-rich, industrialized nations w/ capitalist econ and democratic systems -second world- moderate economic development/standard of living -third world- lowest standards of living, shortest life expectancy, highest rate of mortality World Bank Classification of Economies -Low income-GNI of <$755 per capita in 2000 -Middle income-GNI of 756-$9265 per capita -High income-GNI of $9265+ per capita UN and World Bank use GDP to measure wealth/ poverty GDP - all countries goods + services produced in a year by countries economy
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