- -stereotypes overgeneralizations about appearance or behavior of members of a category Racism-set of attitudes beliefs practices to justify

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10-16-08 Race- category of ppl singled out as inferior or superior on the basis of real or alleged physical characteristics such as skin color or eye shape. Ethnic Group- Unique cultural traits, sense of community, feeling of ethnocentrism, ascribed membership from birth, tendency to occupy geographic area. -Dominant Group- one that is advantaged + has superior resources/ rights in society -Subordinate Group- members are disadvantaged+ subject to unequal treatment by dominant group. Regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination. Prejudice- neg attitude based on generalizations about specific racial or ethnic group -ethnocentrism- tendency to regard own culture/group as the standard
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Unformatted text preview: -stereotypes- overgeneralizations about appearance or behavior of members of a category Racism-set of attitudes, beliefs, practices to justify superior treatment of one racial/ethnic group over another. Reasoning behind it differs by gender, age, class. Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis for Prej- Frustrated with efforts to achieve goal + respond w/ pattern of aggression towards others-Scapegoat- Person/group who cant offer resistance to hostility/aggression of others Authoritarian Personality Hypothesis- characterized by excessive conformity, submissiveness, intolerance, insecurity, superstition, and rigid, stereotypical thinking....
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