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Sociology 200 10-9-08 Wright – Criteria for placement in class structure 1. Own means of production – capitalist class 2. Purchase labor of others (employ ppl) – managerial class 3. Supervise others on job – small business class 4. Sale of own labor (employed by others) – working class Income- wages, salaries, property Wealth- value of economic assets, including income. Socioeconomic status - combined measure of attempts to classify ppl based on income, occupation, and education to determine class. -absolute poverty – ppl don’t have means to obtain basic necessities. - relative poverty – ppl cant maintain average standard of living.
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Unformatted text preview: Femininization of poverty- disproportionate amount of women living in poverty-women heads of households have economic burden but earn 70-80% what men do Job Deskilling- lower needs in proficiency for given jobs leads to lower wages-manufacturing service economy means jobs w/ lower wages, stability, advancement potential. Explanations of social inequality-functionalist- inequality is necessary and inherent for society to work well- conflict- powerful groups/ppl maintain their positions at expense of others- symbolic interactionist- beliefs and actions reflect class in society -ex. Labels we give things....
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