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Sociology – 10/7/08 – Social Stratification Social Stratification - Hierarchical arrangement of large social groups based on control of basic resources -Stratification- Patterns of structural inequality associated w/ membership in these groups -Resources- anything valued in society -Life Chances- extent to which ppl have access to resources Open Stratification system – Boundaries btwn levels are flexible and positions are influenced by acheieved status Closed Stratification system – Boundaries btwn levels are rigid and levels are set by ascribed status. -No system is completely open or closed. Social Mobility - movement of individuals or groups between levels of strat system -Intergenerational mobility- social movement of fam members from one gen to the next -Intragenerational mobility- social movement of individuals w/in own lifetime. Slavery - extreme form of stratification where some ppl are owned by others
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