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ISS 2.19.08 - b Maintaining U.S National security III The...

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The American Approach to Foreign Policy I. Introduction: Some key questions after September 11, 2001 a. Americans going back to isolationist ideas b. Is the united States secure today c. Should we go it alone in world politics or embrace international community d. How should we manage the global primacy e. Should we play the role of global policeman f. II. The American “style” in foreign policy: have we learned from experience? a. The shifting balance of power from congress of Vienna to today
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Unformatted text preview: b. Maintaining U.S. National security III. The American sense of destiny: the Monroe doctrine and “manifest destiny” a. Warning to European nations to stay out of colonial ventures in the western hemisphere i. U.S looked at it as their own sphere of influence b. U.S. Depreciation of “power politics” c. Foreign policy as a moral mission IV. Self-doubts, revisionism and social construction...
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