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Geology E.C. - would not produce much activity of high...

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Tyler Dougherty Section 26L Extra Credit Questions 1) Earthquakes can occur anywhere in the world because of plate tectonics. Delaware is not a seismically active region; however, earthquakes occur here because of sudden shifts in the Earth’s crust. The earthquakes that occur in Delaware are rarely visible at the Earth’s surface because the quakes take place underneath it. Earthquakes occur at fault planes in the Earth’s crust and can occur underneath the surface. Most of the Delaware events have occurred in the Wilmington area immediately adjacent to or within the rocks of the Wilmington Complex, which is where most of the oldest rocks in DE are. So, earthquakes can and have occurred in Delaware, but the area is not seismically active and
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Unformatted text preview: would not produce much activity of high magnitudes. 2) A coastal plain is flat, low-lying land adjacent to the coast of a sea and separated from other land by different land features. The coastal plain in Delaware is part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain and includes all of the state except for a small area in the north that is part of the Piedmont. The coastal plain is important for agriculture, because of its rich, wet soil. It is also an area for water drainage/runoff. The coastal plains also possess many sediment deposits that are rich with fossils. These provide a detailed timeline of the history of the land of Delaware. The rock deposits and fossils can tell how long ago the land was under water and what the land was like....
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