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Steve Podesta Professor Smith. Psych 100 5/17/08 Area 2: Learning The behavior that I would like to change is that I would like to work out and exercise more. I usually work out pretty often, but this year I feel like I have been exercising less, which is something that I want to change. Step 1 (Identify the problem): After much thought and analysis in to my life, with an emphasis on this semester , I have discovered the reason why I have been working out less. I noticed that I don’t usually plan a workout into my day, whether its weight lifting, or some cardio. Because of this, I am more likely to skip my workout or put it off to another day. In order to exercise more I need to overcome the feeling procrastination. Step 2 (Collect Baseline Data): For one week, I kept track of how often I worked out, and how many hours I spent exercising when I did go to the gym. I found that I only went to the gym on 2 days during that week, and when I went I only stayed for a max time of one hour. Step 3 (Identify Antecedents and Consequences): On the days that I didn’t work out, I noticed that I either spent most of the night studying/doing homework, or I was spending time with friends and just didn’t find the time to go. Step 4 (Develop a plan): In order to create a plan to work out more, I must combine a method in which I can eliminate the Antecedents and Consequences while promoting the good behavior. Since my biggest problem is putting off my workout, I decided I would plan my workouts into my day. I wanted to do around an hour of weight –lifting, and around a half hour of cardio each day. Also, since I enjoy spending time with friends, I decided to work out with friends whenever possible to facilitate this experience. In the morning of each day I would decide when I was going to lift, and when I was going to go on a
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Stevey P extra credit - Steve Podesta Professor Smith Psych...

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