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Dougherty_410_Progressreport - Bridge Committee P.B...

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Bridge Committee P.B. Engineering University of Delaware 004 Kirkbride Hall Newark, DE 19716 March 18, 2008 M. J. Paul NPC Project Coordinator 301 DuPont Hall Newark, DE 19716 Subject: Progress Report – Pomeroy Branch Rail to Trail Pedestrian Bridge Dear Mr. Paul, This progress report is being sent to update you on the status of the project referenced above. The purpose of this project is to construct a pedestrian bridge over Paul’s Run near White Clay Creek in Newark. This bridge will be part of the Rail to Trail project that creates a trail to run through the city of Newark. This report displays the progress that we have made thus far and will discuss what work has yet to be accomplished. Work Accomplished I am pleased to inform you that the following steps have been completed at this point: Step 1 – Design o Preliminary, changes, and final design complete.
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Step 2 - Acquisition of Permits o We were required to obtain building and fire permits to show that our bridge would not cause any fire hazards for the area. The site also needed to be
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Dougherty_410_Progressreport - Bridge Committee P.B...

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