Famous Batteries and Catalysts

Famous Batteries and Catalysts - Famous Catalysts As we...

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Famous Catalysts As we discussed when examining the Arrhenius equation K= A exp (-Ea/RT) one important factor in the rate of reaction is the activation energy. The larger E a , the smaller k and the slower the reaction. One of the thriving areas of research in chemistry is the search for ways to speed up reactions without increasing temperature (which is expensive.) Lowering the E a with catalysts is one approach. Catalyst, a definition: A material that speeds a rate of reaction by lowering the activation energy through a change of reaction mechanism. Catalysts do not show up in the overall chemical reaction (they are typically conserved to react over and over). One class of catalysts are homogeneous catalysts which react in the same phase as the chemical reaction of interest. For example, a homogeneous catalyst is a: liquid catalyst in a solution gas catalyst in the gas phase A really important area of research is with heterogeneous catalysts. The catalysts are in a different phase than the overall reaction (usually a solid). For example solids are common heterogeneous catalysts for gas and liquid phase reactions.
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Two famous catalysts. The hole in the ozone catalyst: Chlorine radical is a homogeneous catalyst that is reducing the size of the ozone. Chlorofluorocarbons are bad because they are volatile and typically find their way into the atmosphere. There they undergo photolytic degradation (photons from the sun break bands). + ⎯→ Cl CF Cl CF sun from hv 3 3 The Cl then participates as a catalyst in a reaction that eliminates ozone, O 3 . Cl
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Famous Batteries and Catalysts - Famous Catalysts As we...

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