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Unformatted text preview: ESL 223; Yoder Spring 2008 Textbook Presentation (Due April 07, 2008) Assignment Select an introductory textbook specific to your major. For example, if you are a linguistics major, you will select an intro level college linguistics textbook. Within this textbook, choose one of the chapters to read and then summarize for your classmates. Presentation You will give an 8- to 10-minute summary of a textbook chapter. Your presentation must include: Definitions of key words from the chapter Summary of main ideas and points in the chapter Why the topic of the chapter is important to your field of study For example, lets say that you are linguistics major and choose to use Linguistics: An Introduction to Linguistic Theory edited by Victoria A. Fromkin as your choice of text. Within the textbook, you decide to summarize the chapter two: Morphology: The Structure of Words. In presenting your summary to your classmates, you will begin by defining a few key words from the chapter (e.g., suffix, syntax) that your classmates will need in order to understand from the chapter (e....
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