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Nfs 443 Lab 2 - Catherine Juskuv Kim Koness Nfs 443 Lab...

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Catherine Juskuv Kim Koness Nfs 443 Lab October 7, 2008 Lab 2: Anthropometric Measures Introduction: The purpose of this lab is to determine percent body fat by performing skinfold measurements, circumference measurements, using Bioelectric Impedance, and Mid-upper arm muscle circumference or MAMC. In determining percent body fat and body composition, it allowed for practice in measuring height using a stadiometer, weight using a standardized balance scale, waist circumference, skinfold measurements using a caliper, and taking a mid- upper arm measurement. The client seems to be within the range of her ideal body weight (IBW) of 115 with +/- 10%, giving her a range of 109 to 127 lbs, which puts her within the normal weight range for her height. Her BMI is also within normal range at 21.9. However, both IBW and BMI do not take body composition into account. According to the 1950 MLA chart, she is a medium frame, and when looking at the 1983 MLA table, she is considered a small frame. However, these tables are based on self reported heights and weights and only includes a certain population that could afford health insurance, so they are not very accurate. Overall, the fat percentages from the skinfolds and the BIA were within a few percents away from each other, but more detailed and notable differences will be later discussed. Methods: My client first got her height measured using a stadiometer, which has units in both cm and inches, while standing with three points of contact against the bar (back of head, back, and heels). Then her weight was measured using a standardized balance scale. She was asked to stand with her arms to the side and looking straight ahead. Next, her knee height and arm span were measured in cm and in, which are primarily used to 1
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estimate height for the elderly if they are unable to stand up. The client then had her waist circumference measured, along with mid upper arm circumference to later determine mid upper arm muscle circumference. The last measurements taken were skin fold measures in mm using an expensive device called the Lange caliper. Since the client is a female, the Triceps, Subscapular, Suprailium, and Thigh were measured by pinching the skin at the appropriately marked site on the right side of her body and clamping the device over the pinched skin, taking a reading after waiting 3 seconds. After all of these anthropometric measurements, the client had a Bioelectric Impedance done, in which she laid down on a bed and had electrodes attached to her hand and ankle to measure the resistance of electrical current to determine total body water, in turn giving body fat percentage. Discussion: a. According to the client’s calculated IBW, her weight of 121 lbs is right in the range for her ideal body weight from 109 to 127 lbs. This range accounts for small to large frames, as well as their activity level. The client has stayed relatively around the same weight for a few years now, so her %UBW (usual body weight) is not applicable in
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Nfs 443 Lab 2 - Catherine Juskuv Kim Koness Nfs 443 Lab...

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