Women in Development- Agriculture

Women in Development- Agriculture - NRS 300 Women in...

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NRS 300 Women in Development- Agriculture 10/9/08 Women play a large role in the agriculture production throughout the world, however they are the most underestimated and overlooked when thinking of development strategies. It is rural women who do the majority of the work, half of the world’s food production comes from their labor, and in developing countries they produce between 60 and 80% of the food. Rice, wheat and maize are the world’s staple crops and they make up 90% of the diet for the world’s rural poor. With such a impact on the global food security, the question of why women aren’t benefiting from their own work has become a serious topic. The work that women do around the world to contribute to agriculture production includes labor such as sowing, weeding, applying fertilizer and pesticides, harvest and threshing the crops. They not only impact the production of the staple crops but the secondary crops, legumes and vegetables, as well. Women around the world take part in every step of the agriculture process and this makes their knowledge key in agro- biodiversity. Some examples of women’s contribution to these areas are the women of sub-Saharan Africa who cultivate up to 120 different plants next to other cash crops. In
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Women in Development- Agriculture - NRS 300 Women in...

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