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Exam essays – making an argument Several students have asked for an example of an argument. In some cases, midterm essays showed a good knowledge of the readings and a capacity to interpret and synthesize. What was missing, however, was a cohesive, framing argument. Instead, the essay offered good interpretation of readings and issues, presentation of contrasting views with pros and cons, and then tacked on an opinion at the end. Here is an example of how to organize and present the essay around an argument: 1. Tortilla Curtain addresses issues of global inequality and immigration. Describe your own responses to the book in terms of those issues. In what way does the book illuminate other course readings? Begin the essay with a paragraph that frames the question and presents your argument. Then organize the essay around that argument, bringing in readings to support, evaluate, elaborate and perhaps qualify the argument.
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Unformatted text preview: An opening paragraph for an essay addressing the question above could look like this: Economic globalization in its current form exposes and heightens economic and social polarization, both within and across nations. Because rich countries restrict immigration for the unskilled while at the same time do little to foster economic development in poor countries, illegal immigration expands with potentially dangerous consequences. In the United States, for example, waves of illegal immigrants from Mexico intensify inequality within American society, put immigrant lives at risk, and undermine social stability. These themes are illustrated in the dramas of personal tragedy portrayed the T.C. Boyle’s book Tortilla Curtain . The above is one point of view but there are many others. The point is to state your perspective at the outset, and then develop and deepen it in your discussion of the book and other readings....
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