Midterm.MCQs.2005 - ILR 333/533 Fall 2005 NAME _ MIDTERM...

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ILR 333/533 NAME ____________________________ Fall 2005 MIDTERM EXAM – MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The Bretton Woods agreement led to the establishment of the: a. WTO b. IMF and World Bank c. World Economic Forum d. Kyoto Protocol 2. Amy Chua critiques globalization because of problems associated with: a. market minorities b. farm subsidies c. free capital flows d. Keynesian economics 3. According to Joseph Stiglitz, the IMF model is based on or includes: a. market fundamentalism b. the Washington consensus c. SAP d. All of the above 4. Organizers of the Earth Summits of 1992 and 2002 would most likely give strong support to: a. subsidies to protect farmers b. DSP-led economic development for poor countries c. protecting the interests of market minorities d. the Kyoto Protocol 5. According to Seattle coalition activists, the global economy needs: a. a strong social dimension b. an American-style entrepreneurial spirit c. market minorities d. free global capital flows 6. The concept of market fundamentalism implies that: a. markets tend toward an equilibrium that offers the best allocation of resources b. markets are good but need to be regulated by other institutions, such as national
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Midterm.MCQs.2005 - ILR 333/533 Fall 2005 NAME _ MIDTERM...

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