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MIDTERM.studyQS.2008 - ILR 333/533/Gov 330 MIDTERM STUDY...

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ILR 333/533/Gov 330 Spring 2008 MIDTERM STUDY QUESTIONS The midterm exam is on Thursday, February 28, in 105 Ives at the regular class time. The exam consists of one essay, drawn from the questions below (you can choose one of two offered on the exam), as well as 20 multiple choice questions based on the names and concepts listed on the next page. The essay counts for 60 points, multiple choice for 2 points each, for a total of 100 points. To prepare for the multiple choice questions, study the names and concepts, making sure that you know the background and significance of each for the concerns of this course. Sample questions from past exams are posted on the course web site. In setting up answers to the essay questions, be sure to cite relevant authors, to show that you have done the course readings. You can also cite movies, course discussions, news stories and current events. Most importantly, take a position on the question. Make a coherent argument and back it up with evidence.
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